Here are media mentions and quotes from me on a variety of exercise and fitness subjects:

Strength Training Tips for Older Adults: Everyone should consider strength training as an essential part of their healthy lifestyle.  Here's some good tips for older adults to get started from AAPTIV, JAN. 2018

Heavy Ropes: Heavy ropes offer a great workout and can be a great option for anyone with lower body injury -"Boost your workout with ropes" MyFitnessPal, Sept. 14, 2017

Fitness Technology: Using wearable like technology like a heart rate monitor? Here's how wearable technology is giving people a sixth sense - The Outline, Aug. 15, 2017  

Your home gym: Fitness pros offer their best tips for a home gym -- Closetbox, July 31, 2017

Advanced training: When and how to add bands to your barbell workout - Men's Journal, June 2017

Exercise at home or on the road: 9 Fitness gurus reveal their favorite at home fitness equipment -- What's Good, June 27, 2017

Fitness Technology: Clubs and studios working with members who use activity trackers Don't let your health club members use activity trackers without you -- Club Industry, January 9, 2017

Basic Training:  Push up mistakes are common, here's 10 pushup mistakes you're probably making -- The List, June 2017.  "Don't let your elbows fly or your back sag"

Comparing fitness trackers: Learn how different fitness trackers compare -- VeryWell, May 27, 2017

Home gym on a budget: Build a home gym for under a $1000 -- QuickenLoans, March 1, 2017