How much do you move during the day?

“Physical activity starts to decline at around age 35, and that trend continues through midlife and beyond.” That’s one of the key takeaways from a multi-year study of 12, 529 Americans age 6-85 mapping how physical activity changes over our lifetime as reported June 27th.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey had participants wear accelerometers (like FitBits) to measure movement, measuring all movement throughout the day for seven consecutive days.  Physical activity appears to be at its highest at age 6!

The study highlights our lack of daily movement. Of concern, as noted in the Washington Post, the data points to a sharp decline in teenagers movement likely attributed to more screen time.

What can you do? Look for your opportunities to move throughout your day.  Schedule walking meetings (“walkie talkies”);  use the staircases, take frequent breaks, sit-to-stand every 15 minutes; and look for easy stretches to change body position.  If you need any ideas for these activities or to jump-start your exercise program please let me know.  



Chris Clough